Tag: Magnimar


  • Justice Ironbriar

    A well repected judge and highest ranking member of the ruling council of judges in Magnimar, Justice Ironbriar is a wealthy and well-respected figure within the city. He lives a double life however, over-seeing the operations within the Seven's Sawmill …

  • Xanesha

    Xanesha has been present in Magnimar for a number of years assisting and controlling a murder cult known as the Brothers of Seven led by [[:justice-ironbriar-2 | Justice Ironbriar]]. As discovered by the Heroes of Sandpoint: After charming their leader …

  • Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras

    Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras is a paunchy, self-serving politico more concerned with his own comforts than the needs of the underprivileged he hears so much about. Having managed Magnimar for the last decade, Grobaras handles the immediate needs of …

  • Valanni Krinst

    Personal aide to [[:grobaras | Lord-Mayor Grobaras]], he spends his time facilitating the lord mayor's desires, as well as mitigating his excesses.