Tag: Ally


  • Amieko Kaijitsu

    Daughter to Lanjiku Kaijitsu, one of the founding nobles of Sandpoint, Amieko defied her father by running off to become an adventurer. After a bad encounter left all of her company save herself dead she returned to Sandpoint and set up shop running the …

  • Shalelu Andosana

    Shalelu Andosana (pronounced sha-LEE-luu)is an elven Ranger who makes her home in the wilds of central and western Varisia. She makes regular rotations in the region and is well known in Magnimar, Sandpoint, and several other settlements in south …

  • Brodurt Quink

    A quircky and possibly mad scholar with some decided odd ideas about ancient thassalonia, he has proven helpful to the Heroes and is currently sub-letting library space to an aspergery gnome wizard.

  • Valanni Krinst

    Personal aide to [[:grobaras | Lord-Mayor Grobaras]], he spends his time facilitating the lord mayor's desires, as well as mitigating his excesses.