Resident oracle, sane.


I am Plaedra, an oracle
A child of land and of sea
It’s nice to meet you
And nice for you to meet me

Gifted with talents
My diplomacy abounds
I’ll get you out of tight spots
Since I’m short and not round

I also can conjure
Ferocious beasts from many planes
Though my curse is Haunted
I promise I’m mostly sane

Born of the wind and the waves
Like my patron god Gozreh
I don’t know my parents
And I don’t care anyway

The forest is my home
Where I eat berries and mushroom stew
If you’d like to come visit
I’ll be sure to save some for you

Bearing bangles ‘n baubles
’n bones ’n such
I’ll tell you your fortune
If you don’t bother me much

But if an enemy
Should you become
I’ll warn you now
You won’t have much fun

Your future paths begin to fade
One clearer than the rest
Don’t worry – for in death
I’ll wish you the best.


Rise of the Runelords Colin_O cmrinaldi88