Radid Iryani

Undine Freelance Investigator of Magnimar


Born and raised in Magnimar Radid as the son of a city guardsman/single father, who instilled in his son a balanced view of law enforcement and value of maintaining the status quo. This balanced view of right and wrong along with the somewhat cynical view of justice adopted by many whom actually keep the peace within large population centers, Radid grew up with the view that each element of the city is dependent upon the other. Without the various conflicting forces striving to gain the upper hand civilization would slowly overtime collapse upon the excesses of either extreme, just as the Thassilonian Empire had. There was a brief period of juvenile rebellion in Radid’s earlier years were he began running with the less savory elements in the Underbridge District, during this stint of youthful angst he picked up a number of questionable skills which eventually brought him to odds with the law. Luckily his father was able to use the little pull at his disposal to keep his son out of the Magnimar penal system and into an “apprenticeship” with the city guard. Radid soon discovered that by using the knowledge and insight gleaned from his “misspent time” he was able to spot criminal activity and read crime scenes with great aptitude. He also quickly learned the value of allowing petty criminals “off with a warning” as they were more likely in the future to supply information for the chance to get off again.

It was during one of his first solo partols as a young guardsman that he ran into Brother Cornelius a cleric/tinkerer of Brigh. Brother Cornelius was at that time attempting to repair Shadow Clock Tower as a monument to Brigh. The two stuck up an unlikely friendship that lasted for many years, in which Radid spent many of his off time hours toiling with the elderly cleric in his quest to restore the tower as a monument to his god.

Radid “heard the whisper in the bronze” on one auspicious evening while trying to break-up a mugging he noticed while visiting with his now long time friend Cornelius. During the struggle an accomplice of the mugger crept up behind Radid and scored a deadly thrust with his gladius piercing a lung and embedding the blade in his rib cage just before another guardsman arrived on the scene driving off the muggers. As he lay there bleeding out in the filth of Underbridge, Brother Cornelius was finally able to repay his young friends for his month of toil, gripping the sword and calling forth his most powerful healing magic he ripped out the wicked blade while simultaneously filling Radid with the holy might of Brigh. Radid was awoken by the thunderous tone as would be created by one of the bells in the tower had they been functional, looking up at the tower he had a vision of a fully restored tower in all it’s splendor. And as he faded back into unconsciousness from his still grievous wound the magnificent peal of pure and perfect tone dwindled into a tiny hint of its former glory… but never quite died off….

Following that revelation Radid spent much time studying with Brother Cornelius and eventually became a cog in Brigh’s design. While he did not devote his entire life to the worship of Brigh he maintains a healthy relationship with the scattered tinkerers who share his respect for their gods creations. And although he has had to put aside his work on Shadow Clock Tower following Brother Cornelius’s death he has resolved to continue the work when he is able to settle down once his adventurous spirit allows…

Radid Iryani

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